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Alberta Announces Open Educational Resources Initiative

The Alberta Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education has provided $2 million to launch an Open Educational Resources Initiative. The Initiative is a long-term strategy to help reduce, over time, the costs students face for a post-secondary education. By reviewing and recommending how to integrate open educational resources at post-secondary institutions, this initiative will encourage flexibility and access for Alberta learners. Open education resources include textbooks, modules, multi-media educational materials, and lesson plans. These materials are offered freely and openly without an accompanying need to pay copyright realities or licence fees. The initiative will be guided by a committee of experts including faculty, students, senior academic officers and other experts who deal with open educational resources. It will be will be co-chaired by Jason Dewling, vice-president academic and research from Olds College and Rory McGreal, a professor at Athabasca University.

Link: http://alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=361759413B5A0-D9D0-0BAB-223D46A8642B6F47