Map of BCThe notion of “open education”, whether it be in the context of large initiatives such as the British Columbia open textbook initiative, institutional Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) or countless grassroots efforts, has been growing in prominence in higher education in British Columbia. Increasingly, instructors and students are asking how they can get involved with this movement, and what their institutions are doing to support this work. This website strives to develop a set of resources and conversations addressing these questions, in a format that encourages an open approach and collaboration.

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Need a damn computer to keep track of all these open events *

  There are a slew of Open Education events on my radar/ToDo list right now. Open Education Week Next week is the global Open Education Week from the Open Education Consortium. There are events happening around the world for this week, both live and online (full schedule of global events). BCcampus is participating by sponsoring […]

BCcampus Open Education Week Webinars

As part of Open Education Week, March 9-13, 2015, BCcampus has organized a week of Open Education webinars. Topics include: A Discussion on Open Pedagogy Distinguishing the dOERs: Faculty use of Open Educational Resources Can I actually use it? Testing open textbooks for accessibility Institutional Library Support The Open Web: (a) Lost (b) Reclaimed (c) Co-claimed … Continue reading BCcampus Open Education Week Webinars


So, this is kind of exciting for me. I’ve been mentioned in some articles and blog posts, and even interviewed! First, as a result of my presentation at the Open Education Conference 2014 in Washington, DC, I was interviewed by Jenni Hayman of the Open Policy Network about UBC’s Policy 81. You can see a […]

Presentation at Open Ed conference 2014 (on UBC’s Policy 81)

I have been waiting to make this post, because like last year, all the sessions this year were videorecorded, and I was going to wait until the recordings were posted on Youtube so I could embed mine here. But the conference was in November of 2014, and it’s now February of 2015, and the Open […]

Two presentations on open education and MOOCs at UBC in 2013

I am trying to keep a record of all my presentations here on this blog, because otherwise I forget about them! Which I did; there are two presentations from 2013 that I gave at UBC on open education and MOOCs. The slides for these have been on Slideshare for awhile, but I’m not posting them […]


Some totem pics. Emailing multiple pictures from Picasa to my blog.

Test post by email

Testing the post by email feature of WordPress. Hopefully if you are reading this you’ll see a lovely photo of our puppy, Tanner somewhere in this post.

Supporting what I use

For the past couple of years I’ve made it a point during this season to try to provide some financial support to the web tools and services I use that are open. And by open, I mean that are free to use, and who do not make money off of my data or advertising. In […]