Map of BCThe notion of “open education”, whether it be in the context of large initiatives such as the British Columbia open textbook initiative, institutional Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) or countless grassroots efforts, has been growing in prominence in higher education in British Columbia. Increasingly, instructors and students are asking how they can get involved with this movement, and what their institutions are doing to support this work. This website strives to develop a set of resources and conversations addressing these questions, in a format that encourages an open approach and collaboration.

Latest Updates:

Week 16 In Review

Presentations, Workshops, Courses Working on upcoming BCNet presentation on (what else) open textbooks. Met with Gill and Barbara about our Open Textbook Summit presentation on the Geography booksprint. Submitted proposal for OpenEd15 this fall with Gill and Barbara to present on same topic (ok, not quite done this yet, but will beat today’s midnight submission […]

What is open education?

I wrote the following narrative for a teaching award application, and someone has requested that I post it openly as well, as it may be useful to others. I’m happy to do so! (I haven’t heard back about the teaching award yet.) This was a section of the application where I describe the basics about […]

Week 14-15 In Review

Was on vacation with the family for most of last week and the early part of this week. Add in Easter. This summary covers 2 very compressed weeks. Presentations Talked about Pressbooks TextBooks as part of a CCCOER presentation on OER authorng. Slides on Slideshare. Prepping for upcoming presentations & workshops at BCNet & Thompson […]

Open ends?

In the run-up to her keynote for the OER15 Conference –  which I hope to see in person — Sheila MacNeill asks for examples and ideas concerning the “mainstreaming” of OER and open educational practice in higher education. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Sheila ends up addressing the question, following on important questions […]

UBC’s Policy 81: draft of a revision

  Around this time last year, the University of British Columbia implemented a policy called Policy 81, which mandated that any time a faculty member shared teaching materials with others, any other faculty member at UBC could use them for for-credit courses. The text of the current policy, not the revised one, can be found […]

Photos for Class provides safe search and auto-attribute for Flickr images

Came across a site that may be a good one for k12 teachers looking for a way to safely search Flickr for Creative Commons material, and for anyone looking for an easy way to attribute Flickr photos. Photos for Class is a site that uses a combination of Flickr’s Safe Search filter and a few […]

BC Advanced Education Minister: Open Education Offers New Learning Experiences

BC Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson recently issued a press release about Open Education Week: “Technology and the need for affordable, high-quality education materials are driving new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. Today, there is a growing movement toward free and open sharing of educational resources as a way to increase access to … Continue reading BC Advanced Education Minister: Open Education Offers New Learning Experiences

Open Course about Using WordPress for Teaching & Learning

Teaching with WordPress is an open, collaborative online course on using WordPress for teaching and learning in higher education.  The course is being hosted by faculty and staff at UBC and is intended to launch in May of 2015. Join us to talk about and experiment with, among other things: Open education and open pedagogy WordPress as a highly … Continue reading Open Course about Using WordPress for Teaching & Learning