Map of BCThe notion of “open education”, whether it be in the context of large initiatives such as the OpenCourseWare Consortium, the British Columbia open textbook initiative, institutional Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) or countless grassroots efforts, has been growing in prominence in higher education in British Columbia. Increasingly, instructors and students are asking how they can get involved with this movement, and what their institutions are doing to support this work. However, as anyone who has attempted to promote the development and reuse of open educational resources (OERs) or open courses has learned, there are many challenges to doing so, especially within institutional settings: intellectual property rights, community outreach and technical support and interoperability being just a few of them. Compounding these problems is the absence of resources that explain the issues to the wider community, concrete examples of practice from peers, or that provide a set of potential guidelines for those charged with establishing policy.

This website strives to develop a set of resources and conversations addressing these questions, in a format that encourages an open approach and collaboration. In addition to presenting materials designed to promote the development and reach of open educational resources, the project will strive to engage educators and students across British Columbia (and hopefully beyond) in a process that models the core principles of the movement. We hope to leverage a combination of BC-specific case studies and focused resources to produce a web framework that will deliver impactful summaries and meaningful engagements around open education best practices, ongoing challenges, and practical tips relevant to BC educators and students.